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美國製造 Made in USA

適用年齡: 012  Suitable for New Born to 12 years old

產品重量: 13.6kg
產品尺寸: (H) 63.5cm x (W) 52.1cm x (D) 49.5 cm


安裝方式: 汽車安全帶安裝(Click Tight)

Britax 專利安全帶ClickTight 技術,比 Isofix 更穩固,特別適合中排中間座位、7人車尾排使用安全帶、或腰帶安裝。

Britax's patented seat belt ClickTight technology can be installed more secured than Isofix. It is especially suitable for middle seat in the middle row, seat belt in the rear seat of 7-seater cars, or waist belt installation.

BRITAX One4Life Car Seat 初生至12歲汽車座椅

Colour 顏色
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