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優惠日期:2022/ 11 / 5 – 2022/ 11 / 13


BIP 越來越多又靚又新嘅貨品,今次順便做一次清倉推廣,益用家。




清倉貨品繁多,未能盡錄,請親臨 BIP 挑選,亦可看看新貨的介紹,一舉兩得!


​​【 BIP Clearance Sale 】


Promotion Period: 2022/11/5 to 2022/11/13

To prepare for the arrival of new product, BIP is holding a clearance sale for many items at fabulous discount.  Free gifts are also available for the purchase of newly arrived items. For popular items, VIP Gold Card members can enjoy as low as 20% off.  Don't miss this chance of buying product at good value at BIP!

Enquiry: (853) 28719112 / (853) 28560844


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